Amplifying media impact with Media Quality Scoring (MQS®)

The good only have one true enemy: the better. It is true that media planning is performed at a high level today, especially in above-the-line media. Thanks to mature methods for measuring reach and the savings obtained from bundled procurement there is often little improvement potential left in reach and costs.

But that doesn’t hold true for the third element of modern media planning: the selection of particularly efficient environments for television advertisements, print ads, and online advertising – that is, media quality. All too often, every contact is still treated as equally important. Yet advertisers and impact psychologists agree that not all viewers, readers, and users are equally receptive for a given advertising message.

conoscenti has been able to transfer this theoretical insight into an optimization approach with real-world relevance: the Media Quality Score (MQS®). MQS® differs from other methods for enhancing contact quality in two respects: it features a high-resolution environment optimization and an impact measurement based on individual advertising objectives.

Environment optimization based on individual broadcasts

MQS® uses a highly fine-tuned recording of media use in each respective target group. In TV, for instance, that means that the potential impact of a television advertisement is determined not just for various channels and times of day, but for hundreds of broadcast programs using an experimental approach, from morning television to the prime time movie. conoscenti condenses the receptiveness of viewers into the Media Quality Score, indexed to the average score for all broadcasts examined. This approach allows a specific value to be allocated to each environment.

Findings: The intended advertising impact of certain broadcasts exceeds the mean by more than 100 percent, while others only reach one-tenth of the mean. The spread is similarly spectacular for print titles and websites. By factoring such insights into the reach planning, advertisers can get substantially more advertising impact for the same money.

Determining tailored advertising targets

Of course, advertising impact is an inexact concept. That is why conoscenti has not only refined environment planning, but also impact measurement. The second unique feature of MQS® is namely its ability to measure the impact of specific advertising media (e.g. a television ad or an advertising template) with respect to customer-specific marketing objectives. The spectrum of potential indicators in this context spans from customary campaign objectives like brand awareness and brand perception to interest in buying a specific product.

This flexibility has enabled MQS® users so far to optimize their campaigns based on a wide variety of advertising objectives. For instance, MediaMarkt chain stores used MQS® in connection with its advertising for the MediaMarkt Club. Based on the MQS® rankings of individual television programs, those were selected whose viewers were particularly receptive for the current TV advertisement in each case and the club benefits they each addressed. In contrast, Somfy, a manufacturer of innovative control systems for home technology, drew on MQS® in order to use TV advertising to attract as many potential customers as possible to its website. In another example, a chain of specialist stores used MQS® to optimize the brand impact of TV campaigns.

Shifting placements from weak to strong environments increases the imputed impact by more than 20 percent on average – across different industries. For more information, see the next issue of our conoscenti minutes.

Increasing advertising impact with MQS®, retail example, %

One score, many applications

MQS® can be used not just for common media types, from TV and Radio to print and online, but also for a broad range of tailored advertising objectives. It is also possible, for instance, to systematically address triggered emotions or to target potential buyers who have chosen a competitor in the past. At its core is always conoscenti’s own panel of typically some 1,000 individuals from a media target group assembled specifically for each customer. conoscenti combines the media use behavior with the current environment data in each case.

This approach not only allows the assessment and optimization of current campaigns, but also experimental benchmarking of alternative advertising media and rankings prior to their ultimate placement. That allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns before spending a single euro on activation. The resources freed up can be used to increase reach, to pursue experimental advertising formats, or simply to boost profit.

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